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About US

K. R. Mangalam is more than just an educational institution; it is a beacon of innovation, excellence, and transformative learning. Over the last decade, we have solidified our position as a prominent and influential presence in the educational landscape, offering a diverse range of programs including world schools, IB schools, and universities.

Our commitment to the ever evolving education landscape is evident in the innovative approaches implemented across all our campuses, which have successfully shattered conventional norms and redefined the educational experience. Through our journey of constant growth and emergence, we have evolved into a distinctive hub for learning and academic excellence, setting ourselves apart from the traditional educational paradigms.

Through a seamless blend of academic rigour, experiential learning, and holistic development, we aim to inspire and empower the leaders of tomorrow. With our dedicated educators, diligent staff, state of the art facilities, and a collaborative learning ethos, we ensure every student receives the necessary support and guidance needed to thrive.

Join us in our pursuit of excellence at K. R. Mangalam Universe, where we are dedicated to nurturing the future of our country and revolutionising the realm of education.


Nelson Mandela,  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

About US


K. R. Mangalam World School aims to be an institution of excellence where students, teachers, and parents work together as one community. The school is committed to grooming its students into global citizens empowered with sound ethical values, wisdom, and knowledge.


The school provides high standards of educational excellence in an environment conducive to learning. Here, every student is made to realise his/her full potential and is nurtured into an individual who demonstrates integrity, thinks critically, acts democratically, and respects diversity.

About US

Who We Are?

About US

At K. R. Mangalam, we pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating digital technology with top-tier education, guiding students on their journey to success. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between rigorous academic training, nurturing essential life skills and talents, and cultivation of empathy and respect for diverse perspectives.

We foster a collaborative partnership among students, teachers, parents, and support staff to ensure collective growth and excellence. Rooted in the ideology of ‘Our World,’ K. R. Mangalam Group of Schools is committed to adopting innovative approaches to education that equips students to overcome challenges in today’s ever-changing world.

At K. R. Mangalam, students are encouraged to use their education to make a positive impact, no matter how small, and to make meaningful contributions in the world.


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