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Parents In Education

At K.R. Mangalam, we believe that parents are integral partners in the positive development of every child, playing a role that is equally significant to that of teachers.

With their diverse life experiences and professional backgrounds, parents serve as a valuable human resource for our school. By collaborating closely with school authorities, they contribute to the progress of our institution. At K.R. Mangalam School, Panipat, we are committed to harnessing this vast potential to the fullest.

While Parent-Teacher Meetings are a common platform for interaction and participation in most schools, our association with parents extends far beyond this formal setting. They are deeply woven into the fabric of our school’s activities. From participating in morning assemblies for classes III – XII to engaging with students on a regular basis, parents enrich our educational environment in various ways. They share insights on a wide range of topics, including their professions, moral and ethical values, daily life experiences, as well as childhood and success stories.

At K.R. Mangalam, we recognize and cherish the invaluable contributions of parents, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration for the holistic development of every child.


At K.R. Mangalam, parents play a significant role in shaping assemblies for our youngest learners, from Nursery to Class II. Through unique Educators’ presentations, a collaborative effort between teachers and parents, we instil values, showcase the lives of leaders, and educate students about various festivals through art forms and storytelling.

Parents’ involvement extends to class presentations, Annual Day, and Sports Day, where they are essential behind-the-scenes contributors and honoured guests. They also participate in organising and judging intra-class, inter-house, and inter-school competitions.

Our school regularly hosts workshops led by parents, covering topics relevant to students’ age groups, such as adolescence issues and stress management. Additionally, career experts among our parent community contribute to Career Fairs, guiding students toward their future paths.

Through their knowledge and skills, parents support our shared goal of nurturing students and preparing them for their future endeavours.