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Academics Middle Wing

Rooted in the belief that desire instilled with commitment and determination is the key catalyst for achieving long term goals, K.R. Mangalam, Panipat’s Middle Wing stands as a beacon for students aged 11-14 years. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to not only accomplish academic pursuits but also to inspire a passion for learning and mastery of skills.

Through a versatile blend of academics and co-curricular activities, we offer students a diverse array of learning experiences. Homework assignments are tailored to encourage self-management and independence, aligning with the principles of the NEP (New Education Policy 2020) and promoting activity-based learning across all subjects.

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At this crucial stage of personal development, our focus extends beyond scholastic subjects to nurture well-rounded individuals. We prioritise spoken English proficiency, instil values of discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork through physical education, and strive to cultivate strong, resilient personalities. Our aim is to ignite curiosity, foster creativity and build a strong foundation for success.

We understand that students at this stage should not only align their academic identities but also excel in their holistic development. Join us as we empower students to embrace their identities, excel academically, and thrive as compassionate, confident individuals, ready to tackle challenges and achieve success in a rapidly changing world.

The middle wing has a plethora of activities for students to engage in and explore.

  • 1. BasketBall
  • 2. Aryabhatt
  • 3. Calligraphy
  • 4. Chess
  • 5. Quizzing
  • 6. Skating
  • 7. Badminton
  • 8. Linguistic
  • 9. Skills
  • 10. Yoga
  • 11. Shooting
  • 12. Rang Manch
  • 13 Table Tennis
  • 14. Taekwondo
  • 15. Musical Band
  • 16. Football
  • 17. Swimming
  • 18. Tap your Feet
  • 19. Cricket
  • 20. Volleyball
  • 21. Creative Dive